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On Set - Supermom Expert Series

Filming on set can be challenging and frustrating at times. However, thorough planning helps to minimise the potential of unexpected challenges. Today, we take you behind the scenes of an interview series that we produced for SuperMom.

The Planning Process

On Set

Allocating adequate time to build your set is crucial in ensuring that everything moves smoothly and according to plan. The team arrived hours beforehand so that the set would be ready upon the commencement of filming. This gave us ample time to allow the talents to rehearse before actual filming.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite catering sufficient time to set up and rehearse, pulling off the 'perfect' shot can be time-consuming. Sometimes, talents may take longer than expected to complete certain scenes. Thus, it is important for the production team to remain adaptable so that overruns can be avoided.

Due to the limited time that we had on set, the team had to shorten the script so that the talents could comfortably complete their respective scenes. Even though time was tight, the team eventually managed to film all the scenes required.

Overall, working together with SuperMom was a pleasant opportunity for us to learn and showcase our production work.

Check out the finished product here

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