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It's a Wrap! On set with Super Mothers

W R A P P E D .

Delighted to share behind the scenes in our recent shoot with many prolific & remarkable female individuals. We have sunk every ounce of gratitude being in their presence, and channeled it to this post where we share the fun we had on set.

Supermom is the leading e-commerce mummies platform for products catering to mothers journeying through motherhood.

A part of their business involves empowering mothers who are immensely capable in juggling the challenges of the corporate world and the role of a mother. In this 10 part series video, we are sitting down with each mother (& grandmother) to find out the secret behind their impressive strength. Hosted by, Evangeline Long. Stay tuned to watch the full interview and get entrepreneurial insights.

A time-lapse of the team on set.

Mrs Karen Tay, Board of Director HSBC, Banyan Tree and a Mother of 3, Grandmother of 1.

Left: Evangeline Long (Host), Right: Mrs Karen Tay

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."

- Quoted from Karen's interview, she sums motherhood.

Sabrina Tan, CEO of Skin Inc, Mother of 2.

Left: Evangeline Long (Host), Right: Sabrina Tan

My mother's relentless pursue of excellence has inspired and shaped me to who I am today.

- From Sabrina's interview, she shares he biggest pillar of strength.

In total there are 10 inspiring profiles in the first episode of this series. Stay tuned as we showcase other profiles in future postings!

For now,

That's a WRAP!

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